Video: Complications from Unsafe Abortions Are A Daily Emergency

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“Somebody who’s got money and means and connections can always have a safe abortion in this world. Women who are in a vulnerable situation will be the ones who pay the price of their health or their life.” – Catrin Schulte-Hillen

In developing countries, where Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works, unsafe abortions are a major problem. Not only is there usually a problem for many people to access health care in general, but there are also legal restrictions around termination of pregnancy. So often, women and girls who don’t have the money to access a safe abortion will risk their health and their life having an unsafe one.

Every day at MSF hospitals and clinics around the world, women and girls come in with abortion-related complications. Some patients have severe wounds. Others have bought pills to end their pregnancy but were not instructed how to use them or what to expect so they are often experiencing bleeding and are frightened. The patients MSF sees and are able to help are the lucky ones.

Many more women and girls will not seek medical care out of fear and will die at home alone. Unsafe abortion causes a significant amount of maternal deaths every year, the vast majority in developing countries.


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