MSF_Santé Maternelle_2013

Chantal, 20, is pregnant and in pain. She has come to Kabezi State Hospital in Burundi.
All photos by Martina Bacigalupo
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Chantal Mpawenimana, 20 years old, at the maternity of Kabezi State Hospital. The nurses called MSF ambulance because Chantal was thought to be only at her 32nd week of pregnancy (she was then more likely diagnosed to be at he 34th) and already had two cesarians (first child at 15 and second at 17), and therefore risked a uterine rupture and a premature child. The echography at the MSF Curgo showed that the child was in a “siège position” and a premature rupture of the pocket thus was programmed for an early cesarian in the afternoon. The baby, although premature, was 2.2 kilos and healthy. He stayd a few days in the prenatal care unity and then went off to Chantal for milk. Both mother and child were saved. Kabezi State Hospital, Bujumbura Rural, BURUNDI, July 2013