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NYT story says more cases of FGM are being seen in the U.S.

MSF doctors and midwives see female genital mutilation or FGM (also called female genital cutting) in many of the places where MSF works. In some places, the vast majority of women coming in for maternal care will have undergone some version of the proceedure. The New York Times cites a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report that says as the number of African migrants in the US has grown, so have the number of women with FGM who are having a dificult time getting gynecological care.

“Public health officials… are warning that some doctors and nurses are not prepared to deal with the physical and emotional complications associated with the procedure — sometimes called female genital mutilation or F.G.M./C — and in some cases may unintentionally traumatize the women they are trying to help.”

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Pregnancy and Ebola


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Here is a story about providing maternity care and health education in South Sudan:

Home delivery is common in Yambio; it is the custom, and most women are unfamiliar with the advantages of hospital delivery, or they can’t afford the transport needed to reach a medical facility.


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